Soave Agricultural Group integrates agriculture and technology to create environmentally responsible growing practices. The group consists of three entities located in Kingsville, Ontario: Great Northern Hydroponics, Great Northern Seedlings and Soave Hydroponics Company. Established in 1998, Great Northern Hydroponics is one of the largest tomato greenhouse operations in North America, employing state-of-the-art technology and modern growing methods to produce premium quality gourmet tomatoes inclusive of a 15-acre fully lit greenhouse for year-round product availability. Great Northern Seedlings, a 5-acre greenhouse facility dedicated exclusively to the production of organic tomatoes, serves both domestic and developing export markets. Soave Hydroponics Company is a 12-mega watts electrical power facility that generates electrical power for the Ontario power grid, while also providing heat (for warming the greenhouses) and CO2 (for plant fertilization) to Great Northern Hydroponics.