Who We Are

Over the past five decades, Soave Enterprises has succeeded through investing in well-run companies and providing them with the tools to further enhance their businesses. We believe it’s important to look beyond traditional performance metrics.

From the start, Soave Enterprises has been defined by its entrepreneurial culture. The company was founded in 1961, by Detroit native Anthony Soave. From its humble beginnings, the company soon grew into one of the largest and most respected multi-state waste management and environmental services groups in the industry.

Over the decades, Soave Enterprises has strategically entered, and in a few cases exited, a number of industries – from luxury condominiums along Florida’s coast, to Chicago-area Budweiser distributorships, Midwestern metals recycling operations, Kansas City-based Mercedes-Benz retailers and a master-planned residential community near Washington, DC. Current holdings also encompass a prized collection of real estate investments, industrial services and facility management companies, as well as hydroponic greenhouse operations.

Today, Soave Enterprises holds interests in a diversified portfolio of companies, which collectively generate annual sales in excess of $1.8 billion. We specialize in identifying and growing business potential, leveraging management strengths and financial resources to strengthen the businesses we acquire. With roots firmly planted in Southeast Michigan, we continue to build on our legacy of community support, as we believe that the health of the business sector is fundamentally connected to the health of its community.

Executive Team & Board Members

Anthony Soave President, Chief Executive Officer Board Member
Yale Levin Executive Vice President Board Member
Michael L. Piesko Executive Vice President Board Member
Edward L. Schwartz President of Soave Industrial Group Board Member
Richard T. Brockhaus Senior Vice President and Treasurer Board Member
Angelique Soave Vice President Board Member
Andrea Soave Provenzano Vice President Board Member

Key Corporate Leadership Team

Nico Schultz Senior Vice President of Real Estate
Brian Yono Vice President of Finance
Bryant M. Frank Secretary, Senior Counsel
Timothy J. Bley Tax Director
Tina Mifsud Director of IT
Marcia K. Moss Corporate Director, Human Resources
Kristin Kless Corporate Controller