I Trained Like a Winter Olympian—and Lived to Share 3 Tips for Your Workout

When I got an email offering me the opportunity to train like an Olympian, it only took me two seconds to agree. It took me a lot longer to get to the facility. Onelife Fitness is in Brambleton, Virginia, past Dulles, and is the flagship for a training program called Explosive Performance that’s favored by lots of Olympians, like Katie Ledecky, the US women’s soccer team, and Thomas Hong, who all used it before heading to the Olympics. In fact, between the 2012 and 2016 games, the Explosive Performance program has whipped around 40 Olympians into shape. So what is Explosive Performance? It offers customized workouts that emphasize speed, agility, and yes, explosiveness. You can tell you’re in an Explosive Performance gym if the pinnacle of decor is a series of yellow and black nylon straps dangling from the ceiling. There are no TVs in Explosive Performance. There are a lot of black boxes that look like unusually aggressive ottomans.

Brambleton Soave Real Estate, February 6, 2018